Rosacea is a common disorder affecting facial skin, neck and chest. The etiology is unknown, but the onset is most common from thirty to fifty years of age. It also may occur from adolescence to late adult life. It predominates in females, but the severity is greater in males with a greater incidence in fair skinned people.

There are three stages of Rosacea:

  • The first stage includes recurrent flushing or blushing that can last from several minutes to several hours.
  • The second Stage of Rosacea includes redness that covers a larger area of the face. Slight swelling, pimples, and pustules can develop more noticeably on the nose, mid-forehead, and chin. As the condition progresses, prominent facial pores can develop.
  • The third stage is characterized by swelling and growth of the nose and central facial areas. At times the ears may be involved as well. This can be very disfiguring. This stage is known as rhinophyma. Most patients do not progress to the third stage of Rosacea.

Causes of Rosacea are unknown but here are a few known triggering factors to avoid or minimize:

  • Foods or beverages that cause facial flushing such as alcohol, spicy foods, hot soups, coffee, and tea may make Rosacea temporarily more noticeable.
  • Sunlight is a major triggering factor for Rosacea and may be a cause of this condition.
  • Hot shower, hot tubs, and hot baths.
  • Emotional stress is the second most common trigger factor according to the National Rosacea Society.

Available Treatments:

Skin Rejuvenation with our medical grade IPL will minimize the surface capillaries and therefore minimize facial flushing. Multiple treatments may be required for greater resolution of symptoms. There will be a noticeable difference after the first treatment. Maintenance treatments will be required as the body continues to build small surface capillaries.

See also Broad Band Light

Recommended: 2-3 treatments

Treatment for Rosacea
Area Treated Cost Per Single Treatment Package of Three Treatments
Face $225 $600
Face and Neck $300 $800
Face, Neck, Chest $425 $1,100


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