Broad Band Light can be utilized in a variety of ways more commonly known to treat skin conditions caused by natural skin aging and sun exposure. Using a specific filter or wavelength, each pulse of light energy from our Broad Band Light gently heats the upper layer of skin targeting fine vessels that cause redness and unwanted melanin that make-up pigmented lesions. This same application stimulates skin cells to generate new collagen.


I had a series of 6 IPL treatments, they called it Photo facial, and after the first treatment I noticed some improvements but very little with the next five treatments. I felt my money was wasted. What do you do differently with your Broad Band Light?

We always start with a consultation and photos of the area to be treated. From there we will recommend a Broad Band Light treatment or maybe even two treatments. With a Broad Band Light treatment, you will have very little down time and can return to work over a weekend off. For example, to get an even quicker and more effective treatment, we suggest combining a Broad Band Light treatment with a Micro Laser Peel for pigmented lesions (freckles, etc). Now, depending on your work and social obligations, you may need a little more recovery time or a couple of extra days off.

How soon can I return to my normal activities after a Broad Band Light treatment?

Immediately, with some limitations. There should be absolutely no sun exposure for at least one month post procedure. We will make recommendations at the time of your consultation with reminders post procedure, such as sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Also, you will need to limit your physical activities for at least 48 hours.

Do I have to buy a package of Broad Band Light?

No. The consultation will give you treatment recommendations along with cost

We want you to be pleased with your results and feel good about the purchase you have made. Choosing the best application may require different lasers, and this is our expertise.

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DermaTouch, RN provides Broad Band Light in Houston, TX and the surrounding metropolitan area. Please contact us about coming in for your Broad Band Light treatment.

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