Successfully Remove Your Skin Tags with Laser Technology

skin tag or soft fibroma usually occurs at neck, face, armpits and body

Skin tags—extremely common, small skin growths—are typically harmless. However, if you have any of these growths on your skin, you might find them annoying or embarrassing to deal with. They often occur on the eyelids, under the breasts, in groin folds, under armpits, and on the neck.

What causes Skin Tags?

Some people have just one or a few skin tags, whereas others could have a hundred of them. The cause of skin tags is unclear, though obesity does seem to be a factor. However, skin tags can occur on people of all types and tend to increase in number as we age, with middle-aged and older being impacted the most.

How can you treat Skin Tags?

At some point in their life, almost everyone will develop a skin tag. Similar to how we treat Seborrheic keratosis, we use the 532nm Aura Laser at DermaTouch RN. Some of the benefits of using the 532 is that the healing time, bleeding, and pain are all minimized because laser light seals and sterilizes tissue as it cuts. The laser works when an intense beam of light burns and destroys the growth. By treating the peduncle (stem) of the skin tags, the aura laser targets the vascular system causing the skin tag to fall off within a week. The growth rarely grows back, making it the best laser choice for such procedures. Most patients experience little pain and no downtime, and when necessary, a topical anesthetic can be used to numb the area.

Why DermaTouch RN vs. a Doctor’s office?

DermaTouch RN and similar facilities can treat many of the same skin conditions that Dermatologists treat with similar results at a fraction of the cost. Look for a MedSpa, like DermaTouch RN, backed by positive reviews and a long track record for treating the condition you need help with.

Contact DermaTouch RN today and let our more than 10 years of experience work for you. We’ll help you get rid of those bothersome skin tags in not time!