Celebrate YOU on International Women’s Day at DermaTouch RN

Today is International Women’s Day, a global holiday created to celebrate the cultural, political, economic, and social achievements of women. With that said, we wanted to take the time to honor our highly trained staff of women here at DermaTouch RN—without whom we would not have the thriving business we have today (10 years and going!)—in addition to all the women we serve on a daily basis. Let’s also not forget all the men in our lives that support our goals, achievements, and more.

As women, we want to look and feel our best, which is why DermaTouch RN has a wide variety of services and products to meet a number of skin care and cosmetic needs. We offer treatments like dermal fillers, such as Voluma and Juvederm, Botox, top-of-the-line skin care products, Bio-Identical hormones, and Laser therapy, which can treat anything from loose skin to skin tags to rosacea. We also understand that beauty starts from the inside out, and we will work with you to develop an approach for overall well-being in your life.

Take the time to celebrate you this week in honor of International Women’s Day and contact us for a consultation @ 281.895.9090. Consider bringing a friend to celebrate with, as well!

We put our patients first and will work with you to develop a plan of action to treat all of your skin care and cosmetic needs.

Meet DermaTouch RN’s Practice Director – Dana Mendoza

As with any successful MedSpa establishment, customer service means care, professionalism, and putting the patients first. DermaTouch RN’s Practice Director, Dana Mendoza, understands this. With more than 12 years of Aesthetic industry experience, she oversees all office operations, from working with employees and hiring the right staff to making sure customers are happy and well taken care of.  She oversees client bookings, consults with patients, and provides education on procedures and treatment plans with the compassion and care DermaTouch RN is known for.

From a marketing perspective, Dana helps drive business growth and supports and oversees the clinic’s social media and marketing efforts.  She’s a proactive leader that supports the collaborative efforts and teamwork for a staff that puts its best foot forward in all areas.

It’s team members like Dana that keep patients coming back for all that DermaTouch RN has to offer. For more than a decade, the clinic has been offering services that range from bio-identical hormones and fillers, like Juvederm and Voluma, to Botox and a variety of Laser treatments to treat unwanted fat, skin tags, sagging skin, and more.

To find out more about Dana and the rest of DermaTouch RN’s staff, visit our ABOUT page. To find out more about DermaTouch RN and its services, visit the DermaTouch RN HOME page. You can also check out our last few blogs: “Meet Dina Forsyth, RN, BSN at DermaTouch RN,Meet Lori Walkoviak, RN, MSN, FNP-C at DermaTouch RN,” andMeet Aesthetician Casey Stroud with DermaTouch RN.”

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A Lift for Fall

Why Now is the Perfect Time for Skin Rejuvenation

As sun kissed skin of summer fades in the forgiving light of fall, now is the ideal time to begin some pre-holiday prep with skin rejuvenating treatments.

Fall treatments perfect time for Holiday party perfection.

Fall treatments perfect time for Holiday party perfection.

Skin rejuvenation today encompasses a host of different types of treatments – from “SkinPen®” to Ultherapy Uplifting Ultrasound.  The most popular, though, this time of year is skin enhancing laser resurfacing.

The fall and winter months are ideal for this type of procedure, as patients are encouraged to refrain from sun exposure both before and after treatments.  The new skin exposed following treatment is particularly vulnerable to the sun’s harsh rays – something that is less concerning heading into fall and winter, when sun intensity and outdoor activity are reduced.

And procedures performed now will ensure beautiful skin in time for holiday parties!

Laser resurfacing treatments target:

  • Sun spots and damage
  • Wrinkles
  • Photo-aging
  • Solar lentigines (pigmented flat or slightly raised lesions that, unlike freckles [ephilis], do not fade in the winter months)
  • Facial telangiectasia (condition causing dilation of the capillaries, which appears as small red or purple clusters)
  • Vascular and pigment irregularities

The most popular areas for skin resurfacing include the face, neck and chest. This type of skin rejuvenation can dramatically enhance the youthful appearance, brightness and texture of the skin – while encouraging the new development of collagen.

Christie Brinkley, the 62-year-old ageless beauty and lifelong model, revealed in a recent interview that while BOTOX® and dermal fillers are a part of her beauty routine, she believes that laser treatments are “miraculous” (New Beauty magazine, Fall-Winter 2016).

The two primary categories into which laser treatments fall include ablative (removes thin layers of skin, prompts collagen growth) and non-ablative (subtly stimulates collagen growth).

Ablative Skin Resurfacing

Ablative skin resurfacing directs short, concentrated pulsating beams of light over the skin, vaporizing skin cells damaged at the surface level and precisely removing skin layer by layer.  The intense heat from the laser causes the right amount of controlled damage to the target area, stimulating the underlying skin and prompting collagen formation.  New smother, tighter skin then forms.

This procedure requires a topical anesthetic, which is applied 30 to 90 minutes prior to treatment.  More intense treatments may also include a mild sedative.  Patients wear protective eye shields during the procedure and receive an anesthetic ointment following the procedure to reduce discomfort.

Non-ablative Skin Resurfacing

The fractional lasers used in non-ablative skin resurfacing use lower energy levels than ablative lasers. During the procedure, a laser head delivering heat into the skin through thousands of tiny, deep columns known as microthermal treatment zones is passed over the treatment area in a series of horizontal and vertical overlapping passes.  Patients may experience a slight prickling or burning sensation during the process.  The heat from the laser promotes collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines, though the results are less dramatic as ablative skin resurfacing and multiple treatments may be required.


Aftercare instructions will vary depending on the type of resurfacing procedure you undergo, though protecting the treated skin from the sun is underscored for all.

Recovery for a non-ablative skin resurfacing treatment will be more rapid than an ablative skin resurfacing procedure, which may require two to four weeks to peel and begin to heal.

The best type of laser treatment and number of treatments required will be decided following a thorough consultation with an experienced professional and assessment of the target area(s) as well as overall patient health.  Ablative treatments, in particular, should be administered by a registered nurse experienced with such laser treatments and technology.

The laser systems selected for use at DermaTouchRN include Lyra-i™ Laser System, Aura-i™ Laser System and the Sciton Laser.

About DermaTouch RN

 DermaTouch RN is one of Houston’s premier MedSpas providing the latest treatments and technologies in the cosmetic and aesthetic medicine industry.  An Allergan ACE Trainer at Allergan Pharmaceuticals and experienced SculpSure professional, Renee Moschitto RN BSN is the founder of DermaTouch RN and one of the Top Injectors and laser treatment administrators in Texas.  She and her MedSpa team of qualified aesthetic professionals offer the latest laser resurfacing treatments available. They have treated multiple generations within families and are sought by patients both throughout and outside of Texas.  Learn more at www.dermatouchrn.com.


The Body Contouring Conversation Heats Up! (Part 2)

We recently introduced two of the newest nonsurgical body contouring procedures available for getting swimsuit ready and year round svelte; Cynosure’s SculpSure® and CoolSculpting®. Proving effective in permanently eliminating excess fat cells (adipose fat) in stubborn areas for both men and women, these procedures are much less invasive than surgery and provide lasting results.

Head to head comparison between SculpSure® and CoolSculpting®.

Head to head comparison between SculpSure and CoolSculpting.


In Part 2 of this discussion, we focus on the primary differences between the two technologies and how they stand up to one another, including the amount of time on the market with FDA-clearance and the fat eliminating technology used – heat versus cold.

Among the first body contouring procedures to receive FDA-clearance and scientifically report positive patient outcomes, SculpSure uses light-based technology, a whole new approach to non-invasive lipolysis (heat) using a hyperthermic laser.

CoolSculpting technology entails the delivery of “controlled cooling” to the fat cells underneath the skin using Cryolipolysis (cold).  Check out the “Head to Head” video comparing the two treatments. View Head to Head Video

In Part 3 of our Body Contouring discussion, we’ll further examine these technologies.

About DermaTouch RN

An Allergan ACE Trainer at Allergan Pharmaceuticals and experienced SculpSure professional, Renee Moschitto RN BSN is the founder of DermaTouch RN and one of the Top Injectors in Texas.  She and her team now offer SculpSure body contouring therapy to qualifying candidates.  Learn more at www.dermatouchrn.com .

Check out the Monthly Specials on SculpSure and other anti-aging and wellness therapies.


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TATTOO REMOVAL (Part II), A Closer Look at Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

In Part I of our Tattoo Removal blog we talked about the key components in successful tattoo removal and the questions you need to ask before committing to the tattoo removal process.

One of the key components in successful tattoo removal is the type of technology a laser tattoo removal specialist uses.

Once considered the gold standard in laser tattoo removal, such laser technology as Q-Switched Ruby, ND YAG, RevLite, AlexELETE, Astanza, Sinon, Palomar and Spectra, now represent yesterday’s tattoo removal tools.

Today, the latest advanced laser tattoo removal technology utilizes “picoseconds” and requires about half the number of treatments as previous nanosecond lasers.  The PicoSure®, which was developed by the leader in aesthetic laser technology, Cynosure, is the most advanced tattoo removal laser technology currently available and the only picosecond laser platform.

PicoSure “picosecond” laser tattoo removal technology versus “nanosecond” technology.

This laser technology more effectively targets the ink that resides just under the skin.  Using different wavelengths of light to address the different colors used in tattoo creation, the laser breaks down ink particles into smaller fragments in fewer sessions than previous laser technology.  These fragments are then removed through the body’s natural cleansing process.

PicoSure Laser Tatto Removal before and after.

PicoSure Laser Tatto Removal before and after.

Quick Facts about the PicoSure:

  • FDA-approved for tattoo removal.
  • Delivers energy to the tattoo ink in picoseconds rather than nanoseconds, which is significantly faster.
  • Picosecond laser platform requires half as many sessions as traditional laser technology (3-4 weeks verses 6-8 weeks).
  • Easily removes colors traditional laser technology has found challenging – blue, green, orange and yellow inks.

    New PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal technology, before and after.

    New PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal technology, before and after.

 View Video on how PicoSure works.

Resistant Reds of Full-Color Tattoos

Among the most challenging color to remove from a tattoo is red. While the picosecond technology of the PicoSure is able to remove most reds, occasionally some red inks prove resistant.  In these cases, the combined use of the new MedLite C6 laser, also a Cynosure product, ensures the complete removal of even the most challenging red inks.

Using Precision Beam Technology, a true flat-top beam profile, the MedLite C6 delivers energy evenly over the skin’s surface – minimizing epidermal injury and improving results.  Its wavelength capability allows for full-color tattoo removal, with MultiLite Dye Handpieces for 585 nm (yellow) and 650 nm (red).

This laser technology is also ideal for removing acne scars, sun/age spots, wrinkles, melisma, solar lentigo, and uneven skin tone.

The DermaTouch RN team is committed to providing the latest laser technology available for the broad range of patient needs.


TATTOO REMOVAL – What you need to know

While initial intent for a Tattoo may be the permanent marking of a time, place person or other meaningful moment in your life, things can change.  Despite the “permanent” nature of the ink, less invasive technology has evolved to meet tattoo removal needs.

Whether you want to remove a tattoo to replace with something different or completely restore skin to its “pre-tatt” state, there are several important things you should know.

  • Tattoo Removal Requires Special Training
  • Tattoo Technology is NOT all the Same
  • Colors Matter

Tattoo Removal Requires Special Training

Your skin is the largest organ of the human body.  The professional you choose to either remove or diminish the visibility of your tattoo is as important as your choice of specialist for any other vital organ.

Not only does tattoo removal require special training and certification, it requires an aptitude for technology.  Today’s tattoo removal technology in the hands of a certified laser tattoo removal specialist (LTRS) can safely cut tattoo removal time and the number of required treatments in half.

Advanced laser treatments have today become more targeted, providing more effective  and efficient distribution of wavelengths.  Experienced tattoo removal specialists understand laser physics, tissue interaction, skin typing and post treatment care for optimal tattoo removal.

Tattoo Technology is NOT all the Same

Laser tattoo removal systems can vary, producing varied outcomes.  To ensure the best possible results, it is key to find a certified laser tattoo removal specialist trained in the latest laser technology.

In tattoo removal, the PicoSure®, which was developed by the leader in aesthetic laser technology, Cynosure, is the most advanced tattoo removal laser technology currently available.  

Delivering ultra-short pulses of energy (new picosecond technology), the PicoSure “shatters” tattoo ink and skin spots.  This results in greater, faster clearance of ink with fewer treatments and reduced recovery time.  Fewer treatments reduce the risk and adverse reactions.

Colors Matter

Most tattoo laser removal systems are not equipped to remove red ink.  They also find blue, green, orange and yellow inks to be among the toughest to remove.  While the PicoSure easily removes the tough colors, even it is sometimes unable to completely remove red ink.  But used in conjunction with the MedLite C6 laser, also a Cynosure product, red ink is effectively removed.

Understanding the type of technology that a laser tattoo removal specialist uses is important when choosing the right clinic for your tattoo removal treatments.

Look for part II of our Tattoo Removal blog series next week, A Closer Look at Advanced Tattoo Removal Laser Technology. 

Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Technology - removes safer, faster