Beware of Skin Care & Cosmetic Product Fraud!

In today’s world, fraud seems to be everywhere. From purses and watches being sold on the streets to professional line hair care products being sold in certain department stores to knock off designer label shoes and clothing being sold online, fraud costs people a lot of money. And the skin care industry is no different.

There are several companies that attempt to sell skin care products that only a professional MedSpa or doctor has permission to sale. With products such as professional hair care and skin care products, there’s no guarantee that you’re truly getting the quality that you pay for when buying them from an unauthorized dealer. In addition, there’s no way of knowing if the ingredients are safe if used as directed.

SkinMedica, an effective line that we carry at DermaTouch RN, recently released a list of companies that are using their label online. They shared the following statement in a flier they created, “We value you as a client and only want the best outcome for your skin, which is why we purchase high-quality medical grade products straight from the manufacturer. We also know as consumers that fraudulent products exist in all forms…”

SkinMedica is one line that sells only to physicians, so if there isn’t a licensed physician on board, then the establishment is fraudulently selling SkinMedica products. In other words, if you’re purchasing SkinMedica products online, then there’s no guarantee what you’re getting, as most who sell online are not authorized to sell SkinMedica products (unless it’s an organization with a licensed physician on board).

At DermaTouch RN, we carry SkinMedica, La Bella Donna Makeup, Clarisonic, and Obagi Clenziderm. You can trust that when you purchase these products from our clinic, you’re getting the high-quality skin care and cosmetics with the results you expect.

Your safety comes first. For more information about the list of fraudulent online distributors of SkinMedica products, or to find out what type of skin care we have to meet your needs, contact us at 281.895.9090.