TATTOO REMOVAL – What you need to know

While initial intent for a Tattoo may be the permanent marking of a time, place person or other meaningful moment in your life, things can change.  Despite the “permanent” nature of the ink, less invasive technology has evolved to meet tattoo removal needs.

Whether you want to remove a tattoo to replace with something different or completely restore skin to its “pre-tatt” state, there are several important things you should know.

  • Tattoo Removal Requires Special Training
  • Tattoo Technology is NOT all the Same
  • Colors Matter

Tattoo Removal Requires Special Training

Your skin is the largest organ of the human body.  The professional you choose to either remove or diminish the visibility of your tattoo is as important as your choice of specialist for any other vital organ.

Not only does tattoo removal require special training and certification, it requires an aptitude for technology.  Today’s tattoo removal technology in the hands of a certified laser tattoo removal specialist (LTRS) can safely cut tattoo removal time and the number of required treatments in half.

Advanced laser treatments have today become more targeted, providing more effective  and efficient distribution of wavelengths.  Experienced tattoo removal specialists understand laser physics, tissue interaction, skin typing and post treatment care for optimal tattoo removal.

Tattoo Technology is NOT all the Same

Laser tattoo removal systems can vary, producing varied outcomes.  To ensure the best possible results, it is key to find a certified laser tattoo removal specialist trained in the latest laser technology.

In tattoo removal, the PicoSure®, which was developed by the leader in aesthetic laser technology, Cynosure, is the most advanced tattoo removal laser technology currently available.  

Delivering ultra-short pulses of energy (new picosecond technology), the PicoSure “shatters” tattoo ink and skin spots.  This results in greater, faster clearance of ink with fewer treatments and reduced recovery time.  Fewer treatments reduce the risk and adverse reactions.

Colors Matter

Most tattoo laser removal systems are not equipped to remove red ink.  They also find blue, green, orange and yellow inks to be among the toughest to remove.  While the PicoSure easily removes the tough colors, even it is sometimes unable to completely remove red ink.  But used in conjunction with the MedLite C6 laser, also a Cynosure product, red ink is effectively removed.

Understanding the type of technology that a laser tattoo removal specialist uses is important when choosing the right clinic for your tattoo removal treatments.

Look for part II of our Tattoo Removal blog series next week, A Closer Look at Advanced Tattoo Removal Laser Technology. 

Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Technology - removes safer, faster